Sonowood: the sustainable and tailor-made wood for music


Sonowood makes your instrument sound better.

For the manufacturing of musical instruments, tropical woods are highly esteemed thanks to high hardness and density, advanced dimensional stability and aesthetical dark coloration. However, excessive and unregulated exploitation has resulted in a rapidly decreasing availability of the material. Increasingly strict governmental regulations, such as CITES, aim to protect the biodiversity. As a result, import and trade of tropical woods are closely controlled and often only allowed with certain certificates.

This is why we have developed Sonowood. Sonowood matches the favorable properties of tropical woods while being a completely legal alternative. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the technology offers adjustability of a wide range of parameters.

  • Sonowood bears a range of advantages:

  • icon 100% wood

    The real thing

    Sonowood is NOT a composite material, it is fully authentic wood, with straightforward workability.

  • icon acoustics

    Superior acoustics

    High sound velocity, low damping. Fully approved by musicians and instrument makers. → Testimonials

  • icon customizable

    Tunable properties

    No matter if hardness, density or coloration – you choose the properties of your wood.

  • icon biodiversity

    Preserving biodiversity

    Sonowood is manufactured from sustainable European wood species.

  • icon no legal restrictions

    No legal restrictions

    Sonowood does not contain wood species listed on CITES, therefore no trade and import restrictions occur.

The science behind Sonowood

Our unique densifying technology is applicable to any possible native wood species, depending on the individual requirements of the respective product. The use of maple and spruce has been proven already. Current experiments include further wood species.

Maple turned into Sonowood maple

Native Maple turned into Sonowood maple

Sonowood Flyer (EN)

Sonowood Flyer (DE)

Types of Sonowood

  • Sonowood maple

    Sonowood Maple chinrest
    Sonowood Maple chinrest close-up
    Sonowood full set violin
    Violin with Sonowood Maple fingerboard, chinrest, pegs
  • Product range

    • Fingerboards for violin, viola, guitar and cello; as square timbers
    • Tailpiece for violin, viola, cello and double bass
    • Pegs: square timbers are provided for violin, viola and cello
    • Chinrest
    • Full set: as square timbers

    Technical data

    • Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus)
    • Colour: mocha
    • Density: 1'200 – 1'400 kg/m³
    • Brinell hardness: > 80 N/mm²
    • Dimensional stability: height ~ 0.7,
      width ~ 0.3 % per % moisture content change
    • Sound velocity: > 4'400 m/s
    • Damping (log. decrement): ~ 0.053
    • Dynamic elastic modulus:
      > 23'000 N/mm²

  • Sonowood spruce

    Sonowood spruce on violin
    Sonowood spruce on violin
  • Product range

    • Fingerboards for violin, viola, guitar and cello; as square timbers
    • Tailpiece for violin, viola, cello and double bass

    Technical data

    • Spruce (Picea abies)
    • Colour: caramel
    • Density: 1'300 – 1'400 kg/m³
    • Brinell hardness: > 100 N/mm²
    • Dimensional stability: height ~ 0.75,
      width ~0.33 % per % moisture content change
    • Sound velocity: > 5'500 m/s
    • Damping (log. decrement): ~ 0.04
    • Dynamic elastic modulus:
      > 39'000 N/mm²

How to get Sonowood?

Contact us if you would like to work with Sonowood, and join us at the cutting edge of wood innovation.

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