«Sonowood has the potential to not only match the quality of ebony,
but to even excel it.»

- George Stoppani, violin manufacturer

close up of violin with Sonowood

What the professionals say

«I’m excited about Sonowood. The resulting sound for wooden transverse flutes is excellent, it has an enriching new sound nuance.»
— Thomas Aebi, flute manufacturer from Switzerland, 31st August 2018

«My Antoniazzi violin now has a Sonowood fingerboard. The articulation, acoustic color and gestures are much clearer. The material inspired me.»
— Yuta Takase, violinist at Pacific Quartet Vienna, 30th April 2018

«It must not be that a disappearing species such as ebony is still used heavily. The urgency to find a new material was strong. It is wonderful to now have such a high-end, ecologically sustainable material at our disposal.»
— Mark Jonathan Wilhem, violin manufacturer from Switzerland, 28th November 2017

«The guitar with a fingerboard and bridge from Sonowood possesses a very warm acoustic color. My client is simply thrilled.»
— Mauro Bodio, guitar manufacturer from Switzerland, 4th May 2018

«Sonowood is a very compact material. Nevertheless it is easier to plane and shape than ebony. A pleasant smooth surface results.»
— Philip Ihle, violin manufacturer from London (UK), 2nd March 2018

«The viola featuring a Sonowood fingerboard is easier to play in the low-pitched tones and thus allows more artistic freedom. In the high-pitched tones, the viola lost its sharpness and gained softness. Consequently, the articulation is simplified and more tone colors can be played.»
— Sarah Weilenmann, member of Pacific Quartet Vienna, 2nd March 2018

«The sound of my viola has improved thanks to the incorporation of a Sonowood fingerboard. The instrument now sounds warmer, richer and more open. Prior to the change, I was a bit nervous since I did not know what to expect from this novel material. Now I am very happy and relieved.»

— Chin-Ting Huang, member of the Pacific Quartet Vienna, 28th November 2017

«Sonowood is soon going to revolutionize the manufacturing of wooden instruments.»
— Fidel Peugeot, guitarist, 12th June 2018

«I have not yet seen a material with such a low damping as Sonowood.»
— Boris Haug, violin manufacturer from Suhr (CH), 28th November 2017

«Sonowood offers such a straightforward workability, it is sensational.»
— Eric Fouilhé, instrument manufacturer from Valence (FR), 2nd March 2018

«Sonowood has the potential to not only match the quality of ebony, but to even excel it.»
— George Stoppani, violin manufacturer from Manchester (UK), 2nd March 2018

«The sound of the strings of my violin is much clearer with a fingerboard from Sonowood compared to ebony.»
— Eszter Major, member of the Pacific Quartet Vienna, 14th March 2018

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