Swiss Wood Solutions

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The SWS Team in 2018

Swiss Wood Solutions was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich and Empa.

We are driven by the belief that wood can fulfill more needs than it currently does. The team fuses the vast knowledge of scientists with diverse educational backgrounds. The team members combine for a unique and complementary set of scientific, technical and commercial skills.

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Our team

  • Oliver Klaeusler

    Dr. Oliver Kläusler, CEO,

    has studied wood science and technology at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and wrote his thesis at ETH Zurich. Subsequently, he worked as an R&D engineer and project manager in the wood industry in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the United States. He is the main inventor and developer of the production technologies for two Beaufort products for Audi cars. Oliver Kläusler then received his PhD in the field of high-performance bonded wooden joints for wood constructions from ETH Zurich. Following his promotion, he became research-group leader at Empa Dübendorf and ETH Zurich. Oliver Kläusler is Co-founder of Swiss Wood Solutions AG and its first CEO.
    Tel. +41 79 819 72 77

  • Munish Chanana

    Dr. Munish Chanana, Co-CEO and Head of R&D,

    studied chemistry at the University of Münster (Germany) and later received his PhD from the Max Planck Institute (Germany). He acquired profound research experience in hierarchical biological materials, chemical synthesis and physical chemistry of interfaces. Prior to his engagement at Swiss Wood Solutions, Munish Chanana led the group of Hierarchical Nano-Bio Materials at the Institute for Building Materials at ETH Zurich. Tel. +41 76 688 70 02 (CH)
    Tel. +49 176 63 00 44 09 (D)

  • Walter Sonderegger

    Dr. Walter Sonderegger, responsible for quality management,

    studied forest science at ETH Zurich. Subsequently, he worked at the Institute for Building Materials at ETH as a forest engineer. Walter Sonderegger has acquired profound knowledge in wood mechanics, wood physics and hydrothermal compression methods. Furthermore, he has released numerous research articles in scientific journals and reference books on wood.

  • Philipp Hass

    Dr. Philipp Hass, CTO,

    studied process engineering with focus on wood and fiber material technology at the University of Technology in Dresden (Germany) and later received his PhD from ETH Zurich. In combination with an apprenticeship as carpenter, he acquired both practical and theoretical wood processing skills. Prior to his engagement at Swiss Wood Solutions, Philipp Hass worked in a postdoctoral position at ETH Zurich and at Empa Dübendorf.

  • Luca Schelbli

    Luca Schelbli, R&D engineer,

    has studied chemistry and business studies at the University of Zurich and Louisiana State University (USA). In his position as R&D specialist, he works on the development of new physicochemical modification approaches of wood. Furthermore, he supports the commercialization of the developed processes.
    Tel. +41 44 633 62 12

  • Karsten Leuker

    Karsten Leuker, sales manager,

    studied wood science and technology at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Thanks to prior sales positions in the wood industry, he has established a far-reaching network of business contacts including manufacturers and customers of wooden products. At Swiss Wood Solutions, Karsten Leuker is in charge of the distribution channels and engages in close customer interaction.
    Tel. +41 76 205 77 04 (CH)
    Tel. +49 174 39 19 564 (D)