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Wood cubes on table

Innovation - daily:

  • Stradivarius meets Sonowood

    Stradivarius from 1721 with Sonowood Stradivari violin with Sonowood fingerboard and tailpiece.

    Exceptional honor for Swiss Wood Solutions! This Stradivari violin from 1721 was equipped with a Sonowood fingerboard and tailpiece by our partner Wilhelm Geigenbau. The material was procured in the Swiss region Grisons (Graubünden). The owner's courage to opt for such an innovative material has paid off. A clear gain in tone color and volume is registered.

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  • Martial arts need it extra strong

    extra strong wood sword for kendo Kendo sword prototypes.

    That is why this Kendo sword is made from our densified wood. Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, commonly practiced with bamboo swords. However, the outstanding robustness and restistance to fracture of our densified make it a superior material for the manufacturing of Kendo swords. The inaugural prototypes are aesthetically pleasing and prove to be nearly indestructible.

  • Camera bodies for high-end cameras

    violin with sonowood Wood grips for an ALPA camera body.

    Robust and durable: the properties of our densified wood and the requirements for camera bodies for high-end cameras of the Swiss manufacturer ALPA. This makes it a perfect match. The durable precision tools are manufactured with passion for a small group of connoisseur. The incorporation of wood from SWS gives the camera a natural-aesthetic touch.


    The international treaty CITES, often drafted as Washington Convention and ratified by 183 countries, aims to ensure survival of wild animals and plants subject to international trade. Unsurprisingly, most tropical woods used in industrial manufacturing are CITES-listed. Learn more about the imminent impact of CITES on the manufacturing of musical instruments after yet another tightening of the legal rules.

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